Story from Ende-Bajawa-Ruteng-Labuan Bajo

Nursing Academic Ende (AKPER)- Laboratorium Keperawatan Anak (Child Nursing Laboratory)
Fresh air in the morning – Bajawa
SMK Wae Ri'i
Efridus – Student from SMK Wae Ri’i Ruteng tell about his motivation to school and be a farmer. He wants to make Intermarriage in Vanilla and product Vanili with good quality. (SMK Wae Ri’i – Ruteng)
SMK Wae Ri'i1
Agriculture land in around d SMK Wae Ri’i – Ruteng
SMK Sadar Wisata
All student really enthusiasm to sing the Mars of SMK Sadar Wisata -Ruteng
Laboratorium Keperawatan Medical Bedah (Laboratory of Medical Surgery) -AKPER Ende
See around of Ende City and another mountain (Talk about story of the Watu mountain, Buku Mountain, Meja Mountain and Ende Land) – Ende
SMK Tarbiyah Ende 1
Student from SMK Tarbiyah ask about where Ibu Baya and Pak Ben come from? They are so shy to talk, but they are trying to talk. (SMK Tarbiyah – Ende)
Talk about process to produce Moke (traditional Alcoholic beverages) – Aimere
Place to accommodate the liquid from the Tree Tuak, which will be processed to produce Moke. (Aimere)
SMK Elanus
Elfrida Trifonia Lina, student from SMK Elanus who said she wanted to be a radiology nurse, but her parents forbid her to mention it, because they do not have the money. (SMK Elanus – Ruteng)
The farmers are working together for cut paddy in Ruteng.
Tha Cancar City is surrounded spider rice field (6 spider rice field) – Ruteng
The farmers are working together for plant rice in Spider Rice Field in Cancar – Ruteng
This is big spider rice field than other – Cancar – Ruteng
Spider rice field in Cancar – Ruteng


SMK Komodo Nggorang
Traditional dance from Labuan Bajo for welcome their guest. School building of SMAN Komodo Nggorang Labuan Bajo
DSCF3142 2
Discuss with director and staff in Sun Spirit “Baku Peduli” Sharing about their program in research and critical education, Media and publication, Participation in social movement, Economic and Empowerment – Labuan Bajo
DSCF2790 2
SMK Sadar Wisata – Ruteng

Yogyakarta, 16 February 2016

Casmira de Araujo


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