Just a story

11 years ago, I met you and just know your name. We make a relationship, but like other people we are friend.

9 year ago, We parted. For 3 years, I don’t met you. I think you have forgot me. And we lose contact.

6 years ago, You make me surprise. For a along time, we don’t met each other and you call me to met me. Wow,,so amazing… I’m so happy.

But, for 3 years after that. We parted. And you make me confuse because sometimes you disappears and sometimes you appears.

3 years ago. I met you again. It’s so lovely time. I know you are different and me too. But we have the same feelings always. And I have lose contact again because you have a girlfriend and I have broken heart.

In January 2014. I met you for a moment. Just a moment. So…???? Time is wonderful way of showing us that what really matters.

I still believe… Because we never know what tomorrow will bring. ..

Because sometimes I smile like an idiot when I think of you….

Because my first thought in the morning is always you…

Because you are not just my friend but you are my best friend…

I’m still waiting and believe.

Hope, the dream come true.

Thank you.

Kisses and hug for you  ^_^

Atambua, 3 June 2015


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